Increased sales by 250%

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Bubblegum Vegas had a strong existing brand, and so we developed the look and feel to extend this online.

Created a great User Experience with a simple streamlined layout and the Journey through the site.

It’s the little details that make the difference

We used the latest coding and markup

Which allowed the site and its products to rank highly on Google

And built the new website on WordPress, creating a very simple and intuitive interface for the Bubblegum Vegas team.

Which allows them to change the site quickly

Bubblegum Vegas loved their new website, and so did its customers. Crucially, the redesign achieved its aim of improving online sales: In the first month following the redesign, sales increased by 242%.

Dani Rea

Owner and head of design at Bubblegum Vegas

“I love my new site, it’s so easy to use. After only a few months it’s already getting more traffic from Google and I’ve noticed an amazing increase in sales too.
It’s had great feedback from customers, who have said that my checkout process is really simple.”

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