About Ki Media

We believe the success of a website lies in the results it generates for the organisation it represents. Therefore we don’t just design and build websites, apps and online campaigns. We build our client’s businesses online. Everything we do is based around achieving measurable results. We start by understanding your organisation and agreeing desired results, then we create ongoing strategies to meet those goals. Good user experiences and proven online marketing techniques give us our winning combination.

Online business development

We’re focused on results and adding benefit so each project we work on uses a different mix of online activities depending on the results required, budget and resources available. We’re experienced experts in each individual element. Whether you need help on just one area of your online activities or simply don’t know where to start, we can guide you along the way. The way we collect and analyze the success of our activities can also increase the effectiveness of offline activities too.

Website design and development

We believe the success of a website lies in the results it generates for the organisation it represents. We have a solid track record in designing, building and maintaining which have delivered measurable results for our many clients, such as Northumbria university, EMI,

The Ki Media team are known for their creativity and results-based record. We’ve always recognised that good user experience (UX) and accessibility have a positive impact on results. This is why we go out of our way to ensure it’s a high priority. We look not just to create a good product now, but one that will remain effective in the future. Which is why we stay ahead of the curve on current and future technical advancements and best practice.

It’s important to us that the websites we create are easy to use and have flexibility for our clients, who will be trained and advised in how to get the most of the tools provided.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Ki Media specialises in results focused SEO. Our aim isn’t to just get good search engine positioning, it’s to increase sales, enquiries or engagement depending on our client’s aims. Yes we can get high levels of traffic in but it needs to be the right kind of traffic to meet your goals. Once visitors are on your site, we work to increase the conversation rate.

Starting from an initial website performance report, we will identify any technical, content or off-site recommendations, such as:

  • External link building on recommended sites
  • Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign Management
  • Google Analytics setup and training
  • Website build or consultancy
  • Content creation

We would analyse the current activity to help you understand what’s working well to get relevant traffic and what’s not. Furthermore we strive to help our clients understand the data available to them so they can prove our activities have brought measurable benefit. This gives you the edge over your competitors and enables you to make more informed decisions on how you spend your budget.

Whether it’s a one off consultancy or an ongoing relationship where we manage your campaigns for you, we would create a package for you that would bring real business benefit whatever your budget.

This is how our SEO techniques are able to achieve great results for our clients such as Readers Digest, Northumbria Uni and many small online retailers competing in a global marketplace.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing can still achieve very effective results, if it’s done in the correct way. As with everything we do, we look to create measurable campaigns that can be held accountable. Everything can make a difference from the time an email is received, to the template and wording.

See how we increased the click through rate from the Active Sussex emailer.


Mobile usage is on the increase, for some people it’s the the only device they use. We’ve been creating mobile specific content to leverage more business, since 2002. There’s a range of options available to capture this market.

  • Responsive websites (designed to adapt for smaller screens)
  • iOS Apps (for iPhone and iPad)
  • Android Apps

Social Media, apps and campaigns

Social Media is an ever-changing beast. We’ve achieved success by targeting the right specific audiences on the right platforms. Form legal requirements to technical ability, here just some of the ways we’ve helped our existing clients get the most out of social media to aid their business goals.

  • Social Media Strategy and Policy
  • Facebook Apps
  • Campaign creation
  • Creating and Managing Twitter Competitions
  • Measuring effectiveness

Ki Media have had a really positive impact on the performance of our website since they took over the management. I’ve found the entire team friendly, approachable, and always more than willing to help with everything that we’ve thrown at them. They are quick to react to all requests and explain everything in plain English without any (all the) buzz words or jargon. In short, they are fabulous and I would be more than happy to recommend their services to anyone!

Spot Scott, Under the Thatch

“As a web-based business it’s extremely important for us to work with a company that we can depend on for imaginative ideas and solid technical expertise. So far Ki Media have delivered 110% on all our projects.”

Georgia Rooney, Lesbilicious

“I commissioned Ki Media to redesign the Active Sussex email template in April 2012. Jo and the team faithfully adapted our new brand to create a clean, simple design that has had fantastic results. The first issue of the new mailer registered click throughs of nearly 35% – the highest rate we’d recorded since our e-news was introduced in April 2010. Since then, rates have remained high, with the latest issue (December 2012) registering nearly 40% click throughs.”

Andy Duck, Active Sussex

“I love my new site, it’s so easy to use. After only a few months it’s already getting more traffic from Google and I’ve noticed an amazing increase in sales too. It’s had great feedback from customers, who have said that my checkout process is better. I will always recommend Ki Media, they are a great team to work with and I couldn’t ask for a better service”

Dani Rea, Bubblegum Vegas

“We are ridiculously happy with the site. It looks stunning and is everything we imagined and more!”

Alex, iFanShare