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Ki Media have a new home

After outgrowing our Pink Lane office, we now have a new home in a Grade II listed building in Charlotte Square, Newcastle. The new space gives us much more room to work and a great meeting space to discuss projects with clients.

We’ve kept the same phone number, and we haven’t moved far. Once again we find ourselves in the attic of the building, which gives us some great views of Blackfriars, the City Wall and St James’ Park.

It’s been a big year for us – lots of great new clients, interesting projects and an expanding team, and it’s great to finally have the extra space we’ve been urgently needing for so long!

Pop in for a visit

Written By Jo York

Jo is Ki Media's Creative Director and Co- founder. She's been designing and developing for the web since 1998 and for mobile since 2002. Jo Specialises in User Experience, for screens of all sizes and is keen to keep us all pushing the boundaries of what our digital devices are capable of in terms of customer engagement.


“I love my new site, it’s so easy to use. After only a few months it’s already getting more traffic from Google and I’ve noticed an amazing increase in sales too. It’s had great feedback from customers, who have said that my checkout process is better. I will always recommend Ki Media, they are a great team to work with and I couldn’t ask for a better service”

Dani Rea, Bubblegum Vegas